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Navigating Certified True Copy Stamp Services in the UAE

In today's fast-paced world, the importance of document attestation, particularly obtaining a Certified True Copy Stamp, is paramount for various legal and formal purposes. Across the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah, this need is keenly felt. Amazon Attestation, with its expertise, emerges as a reliable service provider in this domain.

What is True Copy Attestation?

True Copy Attestation is a process where a copy of an original document is certified as a true replica of the original. This is essential in situations where the original document cannot be submitted and a verified copy is required instead.

Importance of True Copy Attestation

This attestation is crucial for the legal acceptance of photocopies of essential documents like passports, academic certificates, legal papers, and other official documents. It assures the concerned authorities that the copies are exact and unaltered replicas of the originals.

Process of True Copy Attestation

The process involves verifying the original document and then stamping the copy as a certified true copy by an authorized person or entity. The process can vary slightly depending on the nature of the document and the specific requirements of the entity requesting the attested copy.

True Copy Attestation in Dubai and Other Emirates

With a presence in major UAE emirates, Amazon Attestation offers convenient and efficient true copy attestation services, ensuring that your documents are attested correctly and promptly.

True Copy Attestation Near Me

For residents in the UAE, locating a nearby true copy attestation service is now more convenient. Amazon Attestation has offices in strategic locations across the UAE.

Difference Between Certified True Copy and Original Copy

While an original document is the primary source, a certified true copy is a legally approved photocopy that carries the same validity as the original in specific contexts.

Certified True Copy of Passport in Dubai

This is a common requirement for expatriates and travelers. Amazon Attestation provides certified true copies of passports, a necessity for various administrative and legal procedures.

Who Can Certify True Copy of Documents?

Authorized personnel at certified attestation services like Amazon Attestation are qualified to certify true copies of documents. They ensure that the copies are exact matches of the original documents.

True Copy Attestation Offices in UAE

  1. DIP Office:

  • Location: Dubai Investment Park, Metro Station – European Business Center, Shop 26 – Green Community Village – Dubai – UAE.

  • Contact: +971 42528846, Hotline: +97143300011.

  • Additional Information: Free parking is available.

  1. Al Barsha Office:

  • Location: Kiosk13,14 Al Attar Business Centre, Beside ibis Hotel, Al Barsha 1 Near Mashreq Metro Station – 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai.

  • Contact: 0565454046 / 0565454049.

  1. Ajman Office:

  • Location: Shop No: 02, 46 Kuwait building, Sheikh Jaber Al-Saban Street, Al Nuaimia 2 – Ajman – UAE.

  • Contact: +971545820983 / 067403110.

  • Additional Information: Free parking is available.

For more information or assistance with your attestation needs, you can contact Amazon Attestation at +97143300011 or visit their website at


Navigating the complexities of document attestation, particularly for a certified true copy stamp, is made hassle-free with professional services like those offered by Amazon Attestation in the UAE. Their widespread presence across the Emirates ensures easy access and prompt service, catering to a wide range of attestation needs.

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